Heritage: How To? Guides

These short guides offer entry-level guidance on how to read, research, protect, and regenerate historic buildings and monuments

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Guide 1

Read Heritage

Learn more about how to read architectural styles, building types, materials, architectural details and construction methods.

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Guide 2

Record Heritage

Learn more about preparing to record heritage assets, different methods of recording and tips for reading a building, whilst recording.

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Guide 3

Research Heritage

Learn more about where to start on your research journey, different research methods, research examples and useful resources to help you on your way.

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Guide 4

Maintain Historic Buildings

Learn more about maintaining walls, roofs, rainwater goods, chimneys, windows and doors, including a list of essential Do’s and Don’ts.

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Guide 5

Harness Heritage Skills

Learn more about the different aspects of traditional building skills, heritage skills specialisms, how you can get involved in heritage skills and how to source the correct personnel to carry out work.

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Guide 6

Defend Heritage

Learn more about statutory protections, your role in defending heritage, and key planning policy in Northern Ireland.

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Guide 7

Rescue Heritage

Learn more about the Heritage At Risk Register and explore the appropriate methods of rescuing historic buildings, alongside the opportunities and associated challenges.

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Guide 8

Reuse Heritage

Learn more about climate change, embodied carbon, and why reusing historic buildings is important for both cultural and environmental reasons

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Guide 9

Make Your Heritage Project Happen

Learn more about what it takes to organise a heritage project; marketing, scheduling, budgets, and your audience.

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Guide 10

Finance A Heritage Project

Learn more about funding, the benefits of funding, the funding application process, and key the key organisations to look to for assistance.

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